You don’t just get to the top of Google

April 16, 2019 No Comments

You don’t just get to the top of Google

April 16, 2019 No Comments


Everybody uses Google. This is an open secret. You’ve probably made use of it several times today but have you stopped to wonder how come the results you see on the first page got to the top?

It is not just by luck, it is by real work made up of three major things:

1. Good content
2. Search engine optimization
3. Paid ads

You see that search engine optimisation? That is what I will tell you about today, however, just a little bit of it.

Take note of the images labelled 1 – 5 below. They are search results all on the first page of Google.

Seo tips

So what is happening here?

I opened my browser and typed “business support services” in my Google search bar, that is Number 1. Number 2 is my search results and at the top of the results is result from Google My Business. 3 and 4 are other search results showing from business directories.

Do you notice how my business is even Finelib’s Google description? Number 5 is also another result from an online directory without a website.

Now, you must have encountered people telling you about services that place your business on the first page of Google and the first thing, your mind goes “oh it is expensive, I need a website, bla bla bla”. However, that is not always the case. You can also optimize your social media pages or have an entire business profile in an online directory (business listing).

Fine, a website is, let me say like the only guarantee that you have a stable online presence because you have control over your website but you need other measures for it to work.

A website that is not found on Google is just like a beautiful house that is built inside a thick forest.

For your page to be found you need to leverage on other sites that have done the work – paid for search engine optimization, have good content, paid for ads, etc.

You need to ride on their backs while you do your homework till you’re also visible on the first or the first to third page of Google from search results.

I remember when I had enough time to work on my business website (, I used to show up on the first page for “business support services” and I used to be like number 5 or so. In fact, I saved a screenshot of the ranking till recently when I deleted it after a long time.

So now that I’m not really active on the site, the other places I have listed my business are helping me rank such that whoever makes a search would find me, especially if they are searching from Nigeria.

As you can now see, showing up on Google is not magic. It has to do with you optimizing your business or online profile for search engines so that you are found by those who look for you.

If you have good content on your website and you optimize them, use the right words, use the right image, distribute them properly and everything, you have a higher chance to show up on Google and showing up on the first page means a lot to your business – revenue wise.

Believe me people use Google like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, so you don’t want to miss out on all those who need your services.

I have an offline event class coming up in 3 weeks and the major activity will be BUSINESS LISTING where every attendant lists their business on at least five online directories to help them optimize visibility on Google and also have like a backbone for their social media.

As for social media, you are working on rented land. You need to have your own space which at the end of the day is a website. Even all of these pages pushing my website to the front page on search engines are rented lands for me.

If for example, Finelib decides tomorrow that they want to change business and delete all listings from their website, there’s nothing I would be able to do about that and my Google ranking would be gone. But as I have my website, I would only will need to go back to it and work on updating it with good content.

All I am saying is don’t get carried away, you still need a website but for now if you’re not ready for a website or even if you have a website at the moment you still need to ride on the backs of these companies that have spent money on good content, optimization and ads.

Google loves them and you need to borrow from that love till you are able to build your own Google love.

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